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iSpeed Technology is a leading provider of GIS software and consulting to telecommunications providers.  We offer a wide range of services from turn-key mapping systems to any type of data conversions your organization might face.

Our Mapping Solution is the QUIC family of Products.  QUIC is an acronym for "Queriable Utility Information CAD".  Developed over 28 years ago, our software has made it simple for companies to easily and accurately keep information up-to-date.

QUIC-T is the core GIS system for telecommunications companies.  By utilizing your existing digital maps, we can turn normal CAD drawings into intelligent maps your entire team can use and maintain.  If you don't have digital maps of your system we will help you create them.

The internet add-on for QUIC-T is and application called QUIC-Link.  QUIC-Link runs inside of your Browser, allowing you to share information throughout your organization.

We work with AutoCAD Map software to create a customized working environment made for you.  AutoDesk has been a trusted name in CAD for decades and AutoCAD Map is just one of the mapping solutions that QUIC products work hand in hand with.

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