As part of your organization's role in managing your distributed fiber optic network we have developed a cost effective way to view, edit, manage, and monitor your asset. Many organizations have relied on separate systems for the record keeping and location of the data associated with their network, such as CAD drawings, Visio drawings, spreadsheets, and even human memory.  This creates redundant copies that are difficult to update, and hard to trust for accuracy. QUIC-Fiber was designed as a portal for your network, including location, footages, circuit information, units, easement, splice information, and connectivity data that allows you to quickly process information to make critical decisions.

As a continuing role of Construction Services, you should rely on your current contractor to give you precise geo-referenced, data driven As-Builts.  Our system allows input from many different data and GPS formats.  All of your data is hosted in the cloud, allowing you to access it from anywhere - your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. The user interface is completely web-based, allowing you to deploy the solution over your entire organization for a fraction of the cost of other management software.

System Benefits:

  • Clearing house for the data associated with your fiber optic network.

  • Secure Login - Your data is hosted on a totally secure site, isolated from any other user.

  • Custom database containing all information about each Unit and Location.

  • The ability to add any type document to any Unit or Location, such as Easements, Splice Diagrams, contracts, photos, spreadsheets, etc.

  • The ability to add, edit, or delete any data.  Unlimited ability to add user specific fields.

  • Mark up/red line mode - used for planning and work order activity.  Gives you the ability to make field notes as well.

  • Inventory -  the inventory database shows what cards, cable, or any other units you have on hand, and will alert you when you reach your preset re-order quantity.

Tiers of Service:

  • Standard - Includes all information of Units and placement as a part of our As-Built deliverable when using Utility Services Associates Construction Company as your contractor.

  • Professional - Adds the web portal, which brings your data alive.  Allows each item to be queried showing the associated information of each Unit.

  • Platinum - Adds the power of all features of QUIC-Fiber Shown above.

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