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iSpeed Technology, LLC

We have assembled a group of uniquely qualified experts to steer iSpeed, bringing added value and peace of mind to our clients and partners.

Your World, Your Map

We understand how critical your existing information systems and data are to you. Today more and more companies are realizing the incredible benefits associated with the ability to visualize important data elements in order to:

  •  Enable faster, better business decisions 
  •  Manage assets and corporate information systems more efficiently 
  •  Provide efficient maintenance and outage response

An Interface for Everyone

Our mapping software has made it simple for companies to easily and accurately keep information up-to-date. By using the latest software and methodology, let us show you how to make the most complex business decisions easier by utilizing the power of your data!


GIS Consulting

As a GIS and related services firm, we specialize in design and
implementation of digital infrastructure mapping and related services. With a combined 60+ years of experience in spatial data, we can help find the right solution that makes the most sense and is the most cost effective.

GPS Data Collection and Analysis

Learn about our professional point and data gathering services.

We provide integration solutions for your organization. Allow us to create  a customized implementation plan, not only for your data points, but your data attribute sets as well.                                                               

Business Data Visualization

Adding your business data in a way that can be visually digested by your key decision makers is vital in today's world of information overflow. By utilizing a variety of different views, see trends in your business faster in a way that makes the most sense.  We can provide custom reports from your maps and data to show things in a whole new light.       

Regulatory Mapping

Regulatory agencies are constantly changing the reporting and data requirements for telecommunications and other utility entities.  Our unique expertise combined with our experience in the utility services space allow us to expedite the required data and changes for your organization.


  • State Commissions

  • Federal/Census

CAD Integration

Using a combination of both off-the-shelf and in-house developed tools, iSpeed is able to integrate your CAD Drawings into robust GIS datasets,  allowing every level of detail to be available at your Staff's fingertips.

Soil Intelligence

Before your organization bids or prices a new construction job it is always good to be armed with information.  iSpeed can take your area of interest and visually show you what kind of soil conditions exist, the location, and depth of the rock in your defined area.  Contact us today to discuss your project!



•  Salina-Spavinaw Telephone
•  Steelville Telephone Exchange
•  CimTel
•  Cross Telephone

•  Beggs Telephone
•  BTC Broadband

•  Pottawatomie Telephone
•  Cross Wireless
•  MBO Video
•  Twin Valley Telephone

•  OneOK 
•  Oklahoma Dept of Transportation
•  Shawnee Country Club 
•  Michels Companies


Contact Us

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2301 W. I-44 Service Road, Suite 101

Oklahoma City, OK  73112


To apply for a job with iSpeed Technology, please send a cover letter together with your resume to:



We are a GIS and related services firm specializing in design and implementation of digital infrastructure mapping and related services. Our mapping services include custom programming designed to interact closely with your databases and infrastructure, providing seamless connectivity through all applications. Our easy-to-use software has been thoroughly tested and utilized in working environments. Because our professionals have in-depth knowledge of our software and your data requirements, there is no learning curve to overcome. They employ a disciplined approach throughout the analysis, conversion, and migration process and provide regular feedback as the project proceeds, minimizing errors and rework. Our years of experience, coupled with specialized analysis and conversion software, can shorten the timeline for the conversion project and reduce your data migration costs. We work with your engineering and IT staffs to make the best possible use of your internal resources. 

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